The Bride

The story of the Bride begins in the afternoon of Groundhog's Day, February 2, 1977. She entered this world with so much hair that her mother exclaimed, and still to this day lets everyone know, "I thought I was giving birth to a monkey!" This was in Manassas, Virginia…and there she stayed.

Four years later, a little brother named, Marcus, joined Melissa! They were great playmates and they never fought (hee hee). Life was grand as the family moved from Danny Lane to the legendary Penny Lane…and there they've stayed.

After years of soccer practices, Boy Scout meetings (Marcus) and gymnastics, dance and tennis lessons (Melissa), a prayer was answered with the arrival of a baby sister, Sarah, in October 1990. Melissa was present for the delivery and even put on her very first diaper!! Some may wonder where Melissa's fascination of pregnant women and babies comes from… now you know!! At the ripe old age of 13 and three-quarters, Melissa knew that she had to spend the rest of her life doing the "pregnant/baby thing".

In 1995, following in her mother's footsteps (although for the record, her mother is not an OB nurse), Melissa headed off to the renowned, University of Virginia - School of Nursing where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and became a Registered Nurse. She was immediately hired at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C., where she has worked in the Labor and Delivery, Neonatal Intensive Care and Postpartum/High Risk Antepartum units… and there she stayed.

Working in DC, Melissa moved to Alexandria, Virginia to make the commute to work astronomically shorter (if you didn't laugh, then you must not live or have ever visited the DC metropolitan area). It was in this apartment building that she met this man…this "wacky" German named, Martin...

Melissa's new SUV proved to be a great asset to the transportation needs during September!