The Ceremony

Here are a few details about the Ceremony. It had taken us a while to come up with some ideas, but it turned out better than we had hoped. Especially considering that the power had gone out earlier that day. It came back on just as Martin and Jörg-Hagen were ready to leave Rev Ed's office! Yeah, great timing!

We were married at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington, Virginia. Reverend Edward Dawkins conducted the ceremony (after successfully completing our premartial counseling sessions!).

We were blessed to have Melissa's cousin Michael Neale perform at our wedding. His performance was simply awesome!!! THANK YOU! He is a music director at Christ Fellowship Church in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has also recorded numerous Christian albums! Michael can be heard on his website.

Another excellent performer at the ceremony was Melissa's long-time friend Peter Kelly. He sang a very moving song to his new wife at their wedding reception in November 2003. Pete has been singing most of his life, and through college was involed in an acapella group called the Madison Project. His performance was the "icing on the cake"! THANK YOU, TOO!