The Groom

The story of the Groom begins in the last hours of March 28th, 1972, in his hometown of Oldenburg, Germany. Having given his Mama more trouble than really necessary, she was nevertheless happy about Martin finally seeing the light of the world!

His life was always filled with exciting events such as traveling with his Mama or Papa to far away places such as Antwerp and London. The latter by ship, nonetheless, as his Papa is a Master Mariner! Eating good German soil, Belgian glass and disappearing without a trace kept his loving parents on their toes...all too frequently and to their dismay...

With the support of his sister, Petra and both his grandparents in Oldenburg and Wiefelstede, his Mama worked hard to raise him with good values and beliefs while his Papa was at sea. In the Grundschule Etzhorn he met his still best and oldest friend, Jörg-Hagen!

In 1981, the entire Schmidt-Bremer family went on their last ocean voyage. It took them from Lulea in Sweden to...Virginia! Norfolk, Virginia, to be exact. On they went to Sydney, Nova Scotia, to return to Sweden thereafter.

In 1982, they traveled again, but this time it was not just a trip. Leaving behind his love, the sea, his Papa took them to Baghdad, Iraq. Three years turned into five, but it was fun...well, most of the time, at least! Martin attended the Baghdad International School, learned English and kept this knowledge to go to college in the US later.

Upon returning to Germany in 1987 and a short stop in the Flötenteich School, he went on to the Jade Gymnasium, where he met his other best friend, Stefan!

From 1992 to 1993, he served his country in the German Luftwaffe before heading off to college at the world-renowned Florida Institute of Technology. He received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1996 and his Master of Science in Aviation Science in 1999. This was also the year he first met Melissa. She lived in the apartment a floor below and in 2001 they started to talk. It took just a little while for him to figure out that she was the one...

If you are interested, you can see what Martin's first and second hobby (besides his Lady, of course) is.
What was his current project? Here it is!
What are his current projects? Immigration and finding a new job! Any help in the job department would be greatly appreciated!    :-)