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Engagement Photos - Verlobungsbilder
Wedding Day Photos - Hochzeitstagsbilder
Honeymoon Photos - Bilder aus den Flitterwochen
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Engagement Photos

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In early April, Martin and I had an engagement photo shoot with our photographer, Philip Brasch, in Washington DC. We received tons of excellent pictures, but chose ten to share on our website!

Martin and Melissa in black and white

In front of the waterfalls of the Franklin D. Rooselvelt Memorial

Lounging in daffodils by the Potomac River

Martin swinging Melissa around

Strolling by the Potomac

Enjoying the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin

A loving moment on a park bench

Sitting on a rock at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial

Sexy moment by the Potomac

Our favorite...Martin sweetly does this all of the time

Wedding Day Photos - Hochzeitstagsbilder

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Melissa with her veil getting ready

Surprise in Oma's face

Oma and Mom

Mama and Melanie during the Bridal-prep

Bridget and Melissa during the prep

Melissa with her slip - uiiiii!!!

Mom on a mission!

Mama looking on...

Melissa: All Systems GO!

Honeymoon Photos - Bilder aus den Flitterwochen

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Us in the hammock

Melissa in the hammock

Melissa in the main room of the cottage

Our cottage from the sea - Cottage A: Annafe

Melissa at the breakfast buffet table

The Ti Kaye Restaurant

We are just before a dinner

Us during a dinner

Us at the Anse la Raye Fish Fry

Melissa with our Ti Kaye Fruit Basket

Us on the boat to Soufriere

Us in front of Petit and Gros Piton

We went riding...

The view from the deck of our cottage - Cottage A: Annafe

Melissa's artistic "Feet View" picture!

Melissa's awesome surprise for Martin

One of the many awesome evening cloud formations

Moon over Ti Kaye

Various September Photos - Verschiedene September Bilder

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Onkel Jonny playing around in our apartment

Oma and Papa on our couch

Oma at breakfast

Stefan and Jörg-Hagen on our couch

Wedding Youth Group

Stefan, Melanie and Martin - Wine Tasting Tour

Part of "The Wine Tasting Group"

Melanie and Stefan - Wine Tasting

Onkel Jonny and Jack - US Capitol Tour

Oma and Papa - US Capitol Tour

Onkel Jonny on the way to Dulles Airport

Onkel Jonny and Jörg-Hagen checking in FIRST CLASS!

Papa and Martin on the way home from Dulles Airport

Mama, Papa and Oma just before their departure from Alexandria

Oma on our couch just before leaving

Martin, Mama and Papa in the car

Mama, Papa and Oma just before their departure - with Melissa

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