Our Story

And so their story began…   Coincidentally, she lived on the second and he on the third floor of the same apartment building. They met, said "Hello" in passing and sometimes accidentally (?) bumped into each other at the mailbox. After a while, and some rough personal times, they met in the stairwell and he asked her out on a walk. They walked, they talked and Melissa discovered that he was from across the Atlantic - Germany, in fact.

The walks and the talks grew larger in number and one fine day in the summer of 2002, he popped a question. Ha! Got you there! It was not THE question, rather it was a question he asked in jest. He was heading home to Germany in August, so he jokingly invited her to go. After a second of thought, her emphatic reply was "Yes"! A call home across the big pond to Mama and Papa to give them a heads up and it was settled:

Martin and Melissa were heading to Oldenburg, Germany!

Now, their story has been rather eventful, but how Martin realized he was actually in love with Melissa is less exciting…  One fine day at her parent's house, she was reaching into the refrigerator and looking at her it suddenly dawned on him: She was "the One!" Melissa is not sure where and when she fell in love with Martin. Perhaps it was the surprise love notes on her car. It might have been that all her dishes were done when she came home from work. Whatever it was, she knew that he was an incredibly sweet and considerate man with amazing talents…  and he was just the man she could see spending the rest of her life with.

Although they are very passionate about the love they have for each other, they definitely agree that one of the things they love the most about their relationship is how well they spend "everyday life" together. Their friendship makes even a trip to the grocery store fun and romantic (Everyone: "Awww").

Both Melissa and Martin are practical people, so the topic of marriage was discussed relatively early. Once the decision was made, the quest for the ring began. After a couple of months, Martin felt like Frodo Baggins… The result was very well worth it, though! The ring was ordered and on the beautiful Friday morning of May 9th, Melissa arrived home from work to a trail of red roses from the front door leading up the stairs. She picked up each rose until the end where she found a vase of roses and a purple box. He bent down to one knee, and asked her to marry him in German. When he finally repeated his proposition in English, she replied with an ecstatic "YES!!!" A romantic dinner at Old Town Alexandria's Bilbo Baggins restaurant ended that memorable day.

Now we have the year 2004 and the two have gone on many trips together (the last one to Hawaii - not counting the Honeymoon to Saint Lucia, of course). The next trip may not be a vacation trip, however, since Martin is now looking for new career endeavours and this may take them to Germany or somewhere else in the world. Who knows?!