Dear God, we would like to thank you for your love, your help, your guidance and your protection of the ones we love, care for and us. You have made us laugh and you have made us cry. You have made us happy and you have made us angry. You have taught us the meaning of pain and healed us after we were hurt. But knowing that you are always there to look out for us and the ones we love, fills our hearts with happiness.


On the journey of life, we meet many people from many walks of life. Some we grow to love, others to depend on and yet others to avoid. The majority of these people, however, leave us with lessons learned, more often than not with pleasant experiences.

When growing up, the most important teachers of life are parents. In the case of ours, there is only one thing to say:

We Could Not Have Asked For Better! Thank You!

See Melissa's Mom and her Dad here and Martin's Mama and his Papa here.

We also would like to thank our grandparents, family and friends who have accompanied us on our journey and who we hope will continue to be at our side for many years to come. Thank You!

Pictures of Martin's Oma and Opa Bremer can be seen here. His Oma and Opa Schmidt are located here.

Pictures of Melissa's Nana and Pop Pop can be seen here...soon! Pictures of Melissa's Grandmother and Grandfather can be seen soon as they are supplied!

Especially our best friends are to be mentioned here. They have laughed, played and cried with us, helped us through rough times, held our hand or on to a phone receiver for hours, given us advice, brought us back into reality and loved us no matter what. We would not be where we are without you! Thank You!